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- the leading model hobby magazine in Finland

(PienoisMalli means Miniature Model in English)

Note: Currently the regular publishing of PienoisMalli magazine has ceased,
at least in its traditional paper magazine format.
We are looking for a new publisher for the magazine.
If you are interested, please contact us by email:

(Note also that we are still selling the old issues and books at full steam)

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Established in 1981 PienoisMalli magazine is the Finnish language
specialist publication for scale model and radio control hobbyists,
covering the following subjects, a.o.:

  • Plastic (and other material) model kits, figures and dioramas
  • RC model cars, RC, C/L and F/F model airplanes and gliders
  • RC model helicopters, RC model boats and RC model ships
  • Radio control equipment and accessories
  • Model railroads, mainly Finnish but also Mid-European
  • Doll house furniture and details
  • Fantasy and wargaming models
  • Building technics and safety, tools and materials
  • Electronics, photography, computers and software,
        when applicable to modelling hobbies
  • National and international modelling news, races,
        happenings, trade and hobby shows

    PienoisMalli magazine has been published eight to six times a year;
    during springs and autumns.

    we also import, stock, distribute and sell by mail order some
    of the world's best aviation, military history and modelling books.
    We proudly represent the following book publishers:

    Squadron/Signal Publications (USA)
    Kalmbach Books (USA)
    Osprey Publishing (UK)
    Special Interest Model Books (UK)

    We are also continuously looking for new and/or interesting titles from
    other publishers

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